Where to Find Freelance Writing Projects

Freelance writing is a very good way to earn for those born with the gift of gab, writing and who are already tired of corporate bureaucracy and strict 9–5 work schedule. But where would you basically find good projects?

Job boards.
Job boards function like electronic bulletins. They provide you a comprehensive list of jobs, which are usually categorized either by location or by area of expertise. Some job boards simply give you a link to different kinds of jobs and you’ll be the one to contact companies. Others require you to be a member so you can create your own profile and upload your resume. http://jobs.problogger.net/is one blogging/writing job board you can visit often for great freelance writing gigs.

Job listing sites.
Aside from Monster and Careerbuilder, Craigslist.com is one of these highly-visited freelance job listing sites. Craigslist.com is a centralized network made up of different urban communities. Unlike job boards, they have a wider range of classifieds. If you’d like to find new freelance writing jobs, check out Craigslist’s writing and writing gigs categories.

Job search engines.
Indeed.com is one job search engine. A job search engine indexes a range of job boards and job listing sites. Interested applicants can submit their resume, while employers may post their ads or look for potential candidates. It is also capable of plotting word occurrences in order to determine job market trends. Indeed.com has another one valuable feature – the salary report, where you can check the average salary for a certain profession in a certain location.

Job aggregators blogs.
One blog that collects freelance writing jobs regularly is Deb Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs, which is a haven for freelance writers. Every day there are new writing positions that need to be filled. Employers may specify a specific location or they may settle for telecommuting jobs. The website allows you to choose which writing work you’d like to have, based on salaries and qualifications specified.