How to Find a Profitable Blogging Niche

The purpose of blogging has evolved. It doesn’t only become your personal electronic diary, it’s also a good way of earning income by posting ads or marketing your products and services. But to talk about science, for example, proves to be quite broad. You need to create your niche.

1. Narrow down your topic.

Blogging about something that you really like is personally fulfilling. But you need to choose few specific topics. You can choose the following research tools:

Directories. Have you noticed how broad topics are categorized into specific topics? For example, “Blogs” category can be classified into personal, photo, or community blogs.

Wikipedia. This human-edited encyclopedia can be your great source of niche interests. Take a look at biology, for instance. You’ll discover that there are still a lot of subcategories, namely, microbiology, zoology, and botany. What’s even more beautiful about Wikipedia is that you’re also provided with more information about these subtopics, so you can perfectly choose one that you’re most comfortable.

2. Determine the potential number of visitors of your chosen niche.

If you’re considering your blog to be a potential income-generating tool, then you have to make sure that you’ll get a high volume of traffic out of it. You can make use of keyword suggestion tools like Yahoo! Overture. This keyword tool gives you a comprehensive list of main and relevant keywords and how many searches there are in a particular day. Let’s pretend that you’re interested writing about zoology. If you type in the keyword box, you’ll know there are also considerable volume of searches for “integrated principle of zoology” and “invertebrae zoology.” You can opt to develop a blog for either of these relevant keywords.

3. Know how much your income potential is from your blog.

There are a wide variety of ways to monetize your blog. You can settle for ads through Google Adsense, Text-Link-Ads, Auction Ads; or you may join affiliates. You can earn for every click a visitor does on the ad posted in your blog. You may also earn by commission when another website earns through link referral from your blog.

A well-chosen niche blog will be easier to monetize than a broad one. However, this depends on your target readers. If you are writing about pop stuff such as celebrities or TV shows, AdSense can be a good way to monetize your blog. Product review blogs can benefit from pay-per-click ad networks, too. However, if you have a blog that does not do well with AdSense such as search engine optimization because your target readers are ad-blind, direct sponsorships and Text-Link-Ads may be better options.

If you’re in for the money, avoid hard-to-monetize blog niches. However, expert bloggers who know how to drive traffic to their blogs will still find ways to earn from their blogging efforts.