5 Easy Tips to Earn More RSS Subscribers

Having a strong RSS following can do wonders for your blog. However, before you get there, there’s some work that needs to get done. There are millions of blogs online, each one competing for audience attention. Will yours be up to the task? Here are ways you can earn more RSS subscribers:

Have a good plan.
You need some solid groundwork to attract more RSS subscribers. Know what topic your blog will handle and who the target audience will be. Having a focus can increase your RSS subscription by several points because it will be easier for your audience to identify and appreciate your blog.

Learn from the best bloggers.
Do you subscribe to RSS feed yourself? Go check your subscriptions and find out how you found those blogs and what made you subscribe to them in the first place.

Next, find out which blogs have a high number of RSS subscribers. Study them, their structure, content, style, tone, audience, etc. You’ll find the information very useful.

Expand your network of bloggers.
Bloggers are quite a helpful lot and they will promote other bloggers in the spirit of brotherhood. In fact, you’ll find that many of the most popular blogs with RSS feeds are those promoted by other bloggers.

Bloggers who increase the number of their RSS subscribers successfully are those that have received citations and recommendations from fellow bloggers.

Provide original content.
Saturation can be a problem for many bloggers. To stand out, offer something that people will find fresh and different, something that will increase your traffic. If your blog is unique, visitors will remember you. With quality content, you can increase your RSS subscribers easily.

Linkbaiting is about strategy. If you use it successfully, you can increase your RSS subscribers by becoming more popular with visitors and other bloggers.