Save Money and Make Friends

Have you every thought of getting a carpooling service? Carpooling is also known as car-sharing, ride-sharing and or lift-sharing eg; check out Carpool. Carpooling is the shared use of a car, especially for commuting to work, often by people who each have a car but travel together to save cost and to promote other socio-environmental benefits. In some locations, there are special facilities intended to encourage carpooling such as designated pick-up points and high-occupancy vehicle lanes which only allow cars with multiple riders at certain times of the day.

Carpool projects started in mid-1970s and becoming more and more popular with the recent advent of mobile phones and SMS everything becomes more flexible and communications are faster.

For many, work schedules are suprisingly flexible. With carpooling, you can choose who will drive and ride on what dates and how the rotation will work. You can also use the RideSearch Calendar or write it on your notes if you prefer it that way. Don’t forget about holidays and your holiday work schedules.

Will you ride every day, or only a few days a week?

You can also choose your initial pick-up and drop-off points. It is common for new carpooler to set their initial pick-up/drop-off points to a public locations or intersection. Some prefer Door-to-Door arrangements. With RideSearch you can specify a physical address or intersection when specifying pick-up/drop-off locations.)

Advantage of CarPooling:

  • Carpool participants save money by sharing the cost of driving one car. Driving one car saves on gasoline, tolls, parking and vehicle maintenance.
  • Carpools decongest roads.
  • Carpools reduce pollution and carbon dioxide emissions thereby reducing global warming.
  • Carpools reduces driving-related stress for participants who are not driving on a specific ride. The participants take turns sharing their vehicles and driving with others.
  • Carpools may provide social connections in an increasingly disconnected society. New online carpooling services are offering new ways to make social connections through discussion sites and custom ridesharing services.
  • Some larger carpools offer “sweeper services” of late pick-up options for people having to stay longer at work. One form of backup is a “guaranteed ride home” arrangement with a local taxi company.
  • There are designated carpool lanes on highways (usually called High-Occupancy Vehicle, or HOV lanes), which may make travel faster. Some businesses offer premier parking for carpoolers, and finding a spot to park one car is always easier than finding a spot for more.
  • In the “dynamic ridesharing” concept the system does one-to-one matching automatically, and all that both, the driver and passenger have to do is accept the match done by the system.

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