Entrecard : your internet Business Card

What is Entrecard? I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers writing about Entrecardand its usability.  Entrecard is not just about an ordinary banner advertising exchange program, it is your 125×125 Internet business card.  

Entrecard is also an ad network for you to get free quality traffic. It is an easy way to network with fellow blog owners; users can drop their card to any Entrecard members blog to earn points. Joining Entrecard is “FREE” and you can advertise your own blog to any popular blog in exchange of Entrecard points you have accumulated.

I have been getting alot of traffic to my blog with the entrecard, you can have it too.

List of Pinoy Entrecard blogs from Pinoy Blogero

If you decide to sign up for entrecard do not forget to drop your card off on my card on the left hand side bar.

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