How to Teach Kids to Use Their Presence Online to Make Money

There are so many opportunities for earning online that it would be such a waste not to take advantage of them. If your kids have already discovered the wonders of the Internet, why not teach them the ways to make money online this early? Intead of letting them addicted on video games, make sure to encourage them to maximize their time to learn how to make money online while having fun. Here’s how:

Teach them to harness their skills.
The best way to teach kids to make money online is to allow them to use their talents and skills. Kids these days are never too young to start using their computer skills and earn money from it. A young teen, for example, has harnessed her creative talents and turned them into cash by selling MySpace templates. She has since turned her interest into a seven-figure business. All that before she’s even 18.

Help your kids determine their strengths and weaknesses and see how they can translate these into real life skills that they can monetize online.

Teach kids by example.
How do YOU make money online? Do you know someone who has? To teach your kids how to turn their online presence into cash, why not familiarize them with the process? Teach them what kind of opportunities exist, where to look for these opportunities and what sort of skills are in demand. Then let them see how these opportunities can be monetized.

Teach kids to recognize scams.
If adults can fall prey to online moneymaking scams, what more young children? Kids can be especially vulnerable to scammers, so it’s best to teach them how to determine whether something is legitimate or not. In a wired world like ours, this is a very necessary skill to learn.