Is there Really a Need for the Blogger and the Journalist to Face Off?

Bloggers versus Journalists ?

Journalists complain that bloggers can take away beats from them or can even beat them to a beat – and sometimes, with bad consequences. In most US publications, a number of journalists admitted that some of their widely read articles are inspired by a blog post. Such consequences can include raising panic over something that might be relatively low risk, or write on a topic without rechecking sources.

On the other hand, bloggers complain that journalists can sometimes put dramatic spins on topics, when all that people want is an unbiased view and opinion of events as they occur. Some bloggers also felt disrespected because they aren’t treated as a real member of the media well in fact a website or a blog is considered a new media which is sometimes a lot more powerful than a traditional newspaper because of its free access and wider reach.

Should bloggers and journalists face off?

How Blogging Has Helped the Mass Media

Thanks to the effort of bloggers all over the world, the mass media can be immediately alerted to a beat, or to a story that they might have missed in the wake of other more prominent stories already in the news. Thanks to journalists, bloggers have things that they can blog about, so that non-news bloggers can still deliver their opinions based on factual reporting.

Instead of insulting each other, bloggers and journalists should help each other out. For instance, bloggers can be hired by news companies in order to report on potential news in their geographical areas. Journalists can help bloggers write better or do research better by holding workshops. Bloggers can help journalists work by tracking down sources or even writing for major companies.

Writing Consequences

The emergence of blogging has brought a range of legal liabilities and other often unexpected and unforseen consequences. Just like a journalist one area of concern is the issue of bloggers releasing proprietary or confidential information just to create a buzz or scoop which can make them more popular and can increase their blog readership. Bloggers can also experience political dangers like in Singapore there were to two ethnic Chinese who were imprisoned under the country’s anti-sedition law for posting anti-Muslim remarks in their weblogs.

The Many Roads to Peace

There are many ways that bloggers and journalists can work together. If they use the riches and benefits of either side of the news writing divide, then perhaps we can have more balanced news reporting in the future. In my case, Im a photojournalist and a blogger myself and I really cant see any conflict between a journalist and a blogger.

In my own opinion, Bloggers in compare to journalist has more freedom when it comes to topics and what to write about because of bloggers editorial freedom.  Lets just keep in mind that by having freedom doesn’t really mean we have to stop being a responsible informational medium, lets continue to become a catalyst and we should always let the truth prevail.

Moreover, we can have more news to read about and learn from, thanks to wider reportage based on fact.