Are You Wasting Your Time Online? Why Not Make Money Instead?

Sure, you could just sit there in front of your computer and while away your time by browsing websites, chatting and sending messages, videos and photos.

But why not turn your love of the Internet and use it to earn cash and some rewards?

Here are 5 ways you can stop wasting your time online and make money instead:

Sell stuff online
Got old books, figurines, comicbooks, usable bicycles, last season’s handbags just gathering dust in your attic or closet? Sell them online through Amazon, eBay Philippines or any of those local auction sites that offer auction, swapping or free listing services.

Make money out of your expertise
These days, simply knowing how to do something can mean cash in your pocket. Be a freelancer offering consulting, design, copywriting or programming services. There are sites that post freelancing jobs for your skills and allow you to offer your expertise.

Teach or offer advice
You can also earn money teaching language and dispensing advice online. Since you are not limited by location or geography, expect to communicate with people from anywhere in the world, which opens up doors of more opportunities for you.

Sell photos
Are you a talented shutterbug? Then stop wasting your time storing your photos in a hard drive and make money from them instead. If you have excellent skills in photography, sell your photos on sites such as Big Stock Photo, Fotolia, Shutterstock and Dreamstime. And yes, don’t forget the extra exposure you get from Flickr.

Make money from your blog
If you have your own, make money from ads or offer subscription memberships for premium content. You can also join a blog network and get paid for producing great content and offering excellent writing skills.