iPhone 2.0 Your Kind of Phone?

Are you the tech-savvy, all-entertainment kind of person? Or are you the all-business, no-nonsense person? Or better yet, are you a crossbreed of both?

Then the Apple iPhone two point O is just the right phone for you. This no-nonsense, all cool features gadget would surely wow you to the end. iPhone 2.0 combines both entertainment and business into one.

Business and Pleasure Phone

iPhone 2.0 is somewhat a breakaway from Apple’s traditional music and video entertainment focused features. This new version of iPhone also caters to people doing business on the go.

This phone, operating on a stripped down version of OS X, now offers push e-mail, push calendar, push contacts and access to your company’s address book. So you can synchronize your office contacts and emails and have them ready with you all the time. It is quad-band GSM, giving you wider reach. It has both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Talk hours is up to 5 hours. Video and web browsing is also up to 5 hours while audio playback is up to 16 hours.

The new iPhone is essentially a smartphone that has all the perks and cool features of an entertainment phone, which is what Apple is famous for. So tech-savvy individuals would surely be wowed with this new phone’s features.

It has a whooping 3.5 inch touch screen, with 320 by 480 at 160 ppi resolution and a 2.0 megapixel camera. It even includes an iTunes App Store utility, which you can tap to browse through a library of downloadable titles. It comes in 4GB or 8GB memory capacity so you can store all the music and videos you want to take with you everywhere on your iPhone 2.0 it’s just the right phone for you.