Fire Your Boss And Choose The Freelancing Lifestyle

Today many people are searching for a way to get out of the daily grind and start working from the comfort of their own home, being their own boss, and setting their own hours as is evident from the number of home-based business opportunities you constantly see advertised. Unfortunately many of these home-based business opportunities are nothing more than scams but if you are looking for a genuine opportunity to fire your boss and work from home then being a freelancer may be exactly what you are looking for.

As a freelancer you will take on projects from people who are looking for someone to do work on a freelance basis but you will also be able to work at home, set your own hours, and determine how much or how little work you take on at any given moment.

There are many different fields available to the aspiring freelancer and which field you choose is mainly determined by your interests, expertise and skills. You can find freelance writing opportunities, freelance proofreading, freelance computer work (including web design, programming, graphics and much more), administrative, creative/artistic or really just about any field you can think of. Being a freelancer allows you to follow your passions and do work that you love.

Being a freelancer also allows you many financial benefits. Although you may not have a set salary or company benefits, being a freelancer does allow you a couple of tax breaks as you can claim something for the rent of your house if you use it for your work, as well as various other expenses that you may incur. A freelancer may also benefit from lower traveling expenses as you no longer need to travel to your place of employment.

In order to find freelance opportunities you should have a look at freelance employment agencies and freelance jobs boards. Many freelance opportunities are offered at websites such as, and There are plenty of opportunities on these websites to keep you busy and all you need to do is tender on those projects that look interesting to you and that you feel you would be able to do and then if you get the job your work as a freelancer begins.

Working as a freelancer allows you to set your own rates (within reasonable limits) and to set your own pace on projects. It is important when tendering and getting freelance job opportunities though that you discuss details such as price, payment terms and expected delivery time with your client. Often it is also a good idea to form a freelance contract so that you both know what is happening in your relationship.

There are many benefits of being a freelancer, firstly freelance work is a genuine home-based business with all of the benefits associated with a work from home business – setting your own hours, being your own boss, working from the comfort of your own home, etc. As a freelancer you will also get financial benefits such as being able to set your own rates, get tax breaks and lowered travel expenses. Freelance employment agencies offer many different freelance positions and freelancing allows you to really follow your passions in your work. Why not take a look and start freelancing today?

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