Sources of Residual Income for Freelance Photographers

Imagine working only once but earning from that one-time job continuously like the endless ocean waves – waves of money.

You are a photographer and you’ve been going to locations like a clockwork to attend shooting appointments. Now you finally decide that you have to also earn residual income so that when the time comes and you’d like to spend more time with your family, the money won’t stop coming in.

How do you do it?

Here are three sources of residual income for freelance photographers like you:

Stock Photo Sites
If you can produce hundreds upon hundreds of photos that can be used by businesses, stock photography can help you put food on the table even if you’re no longer shooting photos like a robot. Each time somebody downloads your photo, you get commission or royalty for each download. Not Bad, Right?

Tutorial Books, Audios or Videos
The trend is producing infoproducts and as a talented photographer, you too can benefit from this trend. Compile photography tips and techniques that you’ve proven effective and educate others about them by creating infoproducts. With the right marketing methods, these tutorials would sell like hotcakes!

Do Photoblogging
If you have accumulated hundreds or even thousands of photos – especially digital ones, you can set up a blog and publish your photos there. It can serve as your marketing vehicle where your portfolio is or where you advertise your infoproducts. Or you can regularly update it with photos and earn from advertisements or sponsorships.