Tips on buying an International Calling Card

Are you working overseas and you want to get in tough with your loved ones in the Philippines? What card is the best international calling cards to get?

Searching for an affordable and quality international calling card is not that easy, you will see a lot of promotional for rates as low as 1 cent/minute from United States to Philippines. Be cautious as rates this low are too good to be true.

When you choose to buy a very cheap international prepaid phone card, more than likely it is associated with more hidden charges. You need to pay attention to several common hidden charges, or the card can turn out to be a lot more expensive than you bargained for.

Prepaid international calling cards offer you a wide range of advantages on international calls:

  • They usually offer the lowest rates available and you can save up to 90% of the cost of a normal call.
  • You can use them from every phone (work, home, mobile and public phones).
  • If you use a toll-free number, you can call from work or a friend’s phone without them being charged for the call.
  • It’s easy to control your spending and avoid the “bad surprise” of an astronomical monthly phone bill.

Card providers offer such cheap rates because they buy high quantities of international minutes at large discounts.