Can Child Friendly Internet Browser Eliminates Children’s Exposure to Pornography and Predators?

Over twenty six popular children’s characters are known to be fraudulently linked to sites that promote pornography. This year, one out of every seven children will be approached by a sexual predator online. Twelve percent of websites on the Internet are known to contain pornographic material. The FBI stated that their latest research revealed over fifty thousand child predators online at any point in time looking for potential victims.

With these kinds of statistics, parents worry more than ever about allowing their kids to surf the Internet. My Kids Browser is stepping in to change all that. Their one-of-a-kind, custom browser eliminates the possibility of exposure to pornography and predators online, giving children the freedom to enjoy the Internet and parents the freedom to let them.

Top-of-the-line filtering software readily identifies pornographic text, but it cannot tell the difference between pornography and regular JPEG images. Children continue to stumble across pornographic sites while engaging in harmless browsing, leaving parents frustrated and angry.

With My Kids Browser children are only given access to a select, customizable listing of educational and gaming sites that are parent approved.

Filtering software has a difficult time knowing whether a picture is pornography or not, says company representative Jacob Anderson. Children might not ever read a ‘bad’ website, but they may still accidentally stumble upon pornography.

“Instead of giving children access to everything on the Internet and attempting to filter out what a program thinks is bad, states Anderson we only give them access to websites that are known to be clean.

Along with its advanced security, the My Kids Browser sports a Mr. Pocketwatch feature that allows parents to limit the amount of time their kids spend online. It also features a lockdown/kiosk mode that makes it impossible for toddlers to open programs or change settings.

My Kids Browser’s easy installation process means parents can have it up and running in no time. The browser works with maximum efficiency straight out of the box, allowing parents to get to know the browser better before customizing their settings. There are no subscription fees required, and all customers are provided with regular updates free of charge.

Parents can go to to find more information and try the My Kids Browser free with their trial download.