Entrecard Credits Overhaul : You Can Now Buy Entrecard Credits!

Here’s the email I received from Entrecard Team regarding their Credits Overhaul:

Entrecard has just expanded all the ways you can earn credits. Check it out:

Option to Buy Credits is here
Finally, the long awaited option to buy credits has arrived. While dropping is by far the most popular option to get credits, if you wanted to launch a massive campaign, there is no way you could get the credits you needed quickly by dropping.

So now, on your dashboard, you will now find a link to “Buy Credits”. You can also use this link: http://entrecard.com/r/buy_credits

We are only selling a very limited amount of credits on a daily basis, and they will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. If you would like more information on where these credits come from, please visit the blog: http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=353

Our economy is very sensitive and must stay balanced at all time, but we are constantly monitoring it and making decisions that only increase its health. Let us take a moment to assure you that this action will serve only to increase the value of the Credit, and create more value for our members.

Earn credits every time you post on your blog

Starting June 2nd, every time you write a post on your blog, you will now earn 25 Entrecard credits. This compensation is limited to once every three days, and is handled automatically via your RSS feed, which our system picks up automatically. Our mission at Entrecard is to help you succeed as a blogger, and now we take that further by giving you advertising credits every time you post to your blog! Your blog’s content is the most critical element of your blog, and is ultimately the key to your success as a blogger. It is important to update it regularly, so please enjoy a little motivation to post from us, the EC Team.

Write for the EC Blog – make $$ (credits)
Writing for the Entrecard Blog is a great way to help build YOUR blog. It gets your name out in front of the community and it drives traffic to your blog with your card and link prominently displayed at the top of the post. We are hereby welcoming anyone and everyone in the community to write for our blog and showcases your skills as a blogger. You will also be handsomely rewarded in credits. Your credit pay will be determined based on the quality of the post you write.

To write for the Entrecard blog, follow these simple steps:

Step 1.) Get your post idea approved.
If you have an idea for a post, send Graham a message by emailing graham@entrecard.com . Tell him about your idea. If it sounds good, he’ll give you the ok. He’ll also set up your account on the Entrecard blog so you can log in and start writing it.

Step 2.) Submit your post for review
Once your post is complete, and the best you can make it, submit it for review but clicking the “Submit for Review” button. The post will be reviewed by Graham and Phirate, at which time we will decide how much EC to pay for it. If it is a stellar post that is going to help people be better bloggers, build the community, etc. we will pay up to 2000 credits for your post. If it is just a simple update, or announcement, we may only pay a few hundred.

Step 3.) We pay!
We will send you payment and publish your article. The better the article, the more we pay!

We are looking for posts that will help people improve their blogging and keep the community connected. Tips for blogging, tools, resources, are all great. Personal anecdotes and stories that make this place feel like a community are also great. Jokes, funny stories, industry news is all fair game. Just send your post ideas to graham@entrecard.com  and we’ll go from there.

As Entrecard grows and expands, we will continue to bring you new ways to earn credits that simultaneously build your blog’s footprint and it’s audience. We want you to succeed as a blogger, and we are going to do everything we can to help you along the way.

As we make significant economic investments in our blog specifically, we want to make it the hub for the all of the communities activity. So, you can also earn a one-time credit of 50 EC by subscribing to our blog, via email here: http://entrecard.com/blog/?page_id=352