Smart Bro Post Paid Review: Do You Find Smart Bro Really Smart?

Smart Bro, the Internet connection service formerly known as Smart Wi-fi is again enduring a big bout of criticisms from its subscribers. Im sure you have seen big billboards and TV commercials about this product. Smart will provide you a modem that let’s you connect to the Internet anywhere you like and anytime you need to surf, just plug it into the USB port of your PC, and you’ll get connected in a flash.

The idea of being able to connect to the internet anywhere is appealing to freelancers and to people who are always on the go like me. When I saw someone using Smar Bro in Starbucks Eastwood City, I immediately asked the person if the connection is good. After getting a good feedback, I quickly went to the nearest Smart Wireless center which is in Araneta Center. There is a wide variety of opinions about Smart Bro service but what matters to me is that…

Smart Bro Still Delivers
Not for everyone but a good number of its subscribers are satisfied by Smart Bro’s service. That includes me. Sure there are some times when I’d like to kick myself for succumbing to the lock-in period that it imposed. But if I’d be asked to sum it all up, the number of times that I’ve let out a sigh of relief compared to the number of times Smart Bro let me down, the times when it sticked it out for me still stood out.

Costly? Not Really
Smart Bro is one of the most inexpensive broadband connection in the Philippines. No, this is not a paid or sponsored review (but ill be happy if Smart will Sponsor me:) LOL). It’s the truth so far. This is because from where I am the next most reliable broadband connection provider costs about Php300 more than its Smart Bro counterpart plan. Total initial payment is P4500 with FREE P30 broadband load. Broadband Internet use is P10 for every 30 minutes.

Customer Service So-So
If you’d perform an online search of Smart Bro reviews, you will see that one of its let-downs is its customer service department. Although I can’t totally say that I find Smart Bro customer service bad, I also can not say that it’s good enough. I’ve only tried the direct-to-the-counter customer service and although I’m glad that the representative who talked to me looked sincere enough, he does not seem so sure of what he’s talking about.

How about you? How do you find Smart Bro’s service?

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