Nokia 6500: Slide it up!

A lot of mobile phones come and go. As a mobile phone heavy user, I keep on looking for a brand new model to play with and test its new or maybe unique functionality. But have you asked yourself which phone really matches your lifestyle? Which phone has the style that reflects your personality? You might want to look at the Nokia 6500 Slide.

I’ve been using this Nokia phone model for more than a month now and I really like it. This phone comes with superb video capabilities that provide you with dynamic action footage that you can play, record or even stream. Its video recording capability has a 4x zoom option that allows you to adjust your close-ups in a very detailed manner.

If you wish to record a video in some specified format (such as VGA), this mobile phone will not fail you. Its VGA recording could actually record at a rate of 15 frames per second. Not to mention the QCIF could capture up to 30 frames per second. Isn’t that amazing? With that those specs, crisp videos are truly achievable.

The Nokia 6500 Slide can also play videos which that you have captured yourself. Not only that, videos that were streamed or received from other video enabled phones as well. Here’s another cool feature of this phone. It comes with not one, but two cameras. You read it right; it has a secondary camera which is used whenever you use the 3G capability of the phone. That’s when you are talking and at the same time looking at the person you are talking to. You can truly enjoy an actual call with anyone with a video calling enabled phone and that allows you to see who you are talking to on a 2.2 Inch screen. The video call gives the user a real touch of interactivity to a call and that is always a fun way to talk to someone. The Nokia 6500 Slide also has a TV out feature port which would allow you enjoy crisp still images in at a rate of 15 frames per second. Not bad at all.

Another cool feature of the Nokia 6500 Slide is its FM radio feature which is accompanied with a visual radio which allows you to enjoy listening to your favorite FM radio station while getting interactive the visual design of the phone. This visual radio information is given by the radio station itself and that provides the actual information on the music that is being played. Not only music, it also includes weather, news and a bunch more. The built in music player of the Nokia 6500 Slide provides you an intimate music enjoyment while using the headset which is by the way included in the phone’s package. You can download your favorite songs via internet or you have an option to transfer audio files from your computer by using the connection options. You can listen to a lot of songs in different formats. Including MP3, MP4, AAC or even WMA are being acknowledged by this phone. The Nokia 6500 Slide is compatible with polyphonic, MP3 and video ring tones that can be changed to match your ring tone taste and style.

You can also access the internet for brand new music or even information by just using the phone’s Opera Mini browser. This browser will allow you to experience a mobile Internet access anytime. The Nokia 6500 Slide also has a voice activate command capability and this comes with a push to talk call feature as well. This push to talk call feature allows you to communicate whenever you are on a call by simply using the volume key of your phone and it functions like a walkie-talkie. You can just hold down the volume key when speaking and also on releasing the said key. You can then hear your contact talking already, this is definitely a cool way to communicate.

Of course the Nokia 6500Slide has the text message service feature which also known as the SMS is messaging. This allows you to send text messages or even picture messages to your family and friends. The Nokia 6500 Slide also supports the push email capability which gives you a direct email service on your phone and this service gives you the freedom to send or even receive emails with certain size of attachments. You can access your instant messaging service from the phone’s messaging menu which actually provides you with a messaging service that allows you to have an online chat with someone and to do an instant messaging to your friends online.

Lastly, the multimedia messaging service or also known as MMS allows you to share your images and videos conveniently with other MMS users. MMS messaging allows you to create, send, edit and receive messages which contain text and sound that could have a video or an image attached to it.