Project Wonderful: How Wonderful an Online Ad Broker Could Get?

Ever get tired of the old online ad networks like the most popular ones like you know…

You might be excited to know that there’s another online ad broker that’s creating a big buzz nowadays. It’s called Project Wonderful.

Your ads, usually in banner or button forms get displayed on websites if you win the auction system. This means that you bid the amount you’d like to spend for a particular site’s ad spot. If your bid is higher than the other bidders for that ad spot, your ad gets displayed.

Your advertisers can trust that they won’t be ripped off. More value for their advertising dollar means more customer satisfaction, and more profits for you.

Advertising is sold on the basis of time instead of clicks, which eliminates click fraud entirely, and stops an estimated $800 million in fraud dead in its tracks. Instead of earning money for clicks on your ads, you earn money every second that an ad is active on your site. We call this system CPD (cost per day). Bidders say “I am willing to pay $1 a day for my ad on your site”, and every second that they’re the high bidder, you’re accruing funds.

A widget that the publisher or owner of the site that sells an ad spot will be used to be able to display the ad. The good thing about it is that Project Wonderful allows you to advertise for free. How? If the publisher don’t have any minimum bid set, you can advertise for free for two days since only $0.01 bid will outbid you. Why only two days? After two days you will need to renew your ad which is when you have to pay. If you find lots of sites that have that free Project Wonderful ad spot, that’s a lot of traffic, right?

Now what do publishers get from letting advertisers get ad spots for free? Low-traffic sites can prove the usefulness of their sites and when advertisers who get those spots for free see results, the cost per day payment will rise and it’s profit time for those low traffic sites. Not bad, eh?