Legalities of Freelancing – 3 Basic Elements

legalities of freelancing Whether you are the freelancer or the one who hires the services of a freelancer, it is important to learn the legalities of freelancing to make it easier for you and the other party to do business. Even if it may be easy to trust people you work with, the agreement between and among those who are involved in the business must be legally protected.

By conforming to the legalities of freelancing, everything involved in the business, including legal privileges to the work that has been established and all the entities will be protected. Some people may not easily understand the importance of creating legal agreement or contract in freelancing. Nevertheless, it is still essential based on 3 basic elements:

1. Money

Freelancing is one form of business. And where there is business, there is money. In order to protect and preserve any form of money matter, you need to create a binding agreement that both parties will adhere to. This is especially important when you need to specify the amount of payment the other party will receive upon completion of the work or services rendered in a particular project. In this way, nobody gets abused or has the chance to get advantage over the other.

2. Transparency

Verbal agreement can be good, but never for business. It is important to set everything in black and white. In this way, there is a clear understanding of all the things expected by each party.

3. Rights

Since your freelance job is a strategic asset, every right established therein must be legally protected. All official work or services rendered by your freelancer must be protected by copyright. This should be made clear to the other party before rendering such services. The primary purpose of establishing copyright is to protect you from any malicious act such as claim for violation of copyright. If this matter is clearly stipulated in your contract, you will never lose in a legal clash in the future.

These three embrace the overall nature of the legalities of freelancing. Keep in mind that every money matter must be legally protected to avoid any form of dispute.