Where to buy mobile phones in Manila

It’s another time of the year where people are buying new mobile phones and gadgets as a personal reward for a year of hardwork.

In the Philippines, particularly in Manila – most people have their own cellphone. No wonder, The Philippines was recognized as the worlds Texting Capital, In fact the word “Texting” originated from the Philippines to replace the word “SMS” or “Short Message Service”.

If you are in Manila or visiting Manila and you want to know where to purchase a new mobile phone, the best option is to go to a ‘tiangge’ or market stalls where you can bargain almost everything from cellphones to gadgets and cellphone accessories. Here’s the list of Metro Manila shopping centers for mobile phone bargain hunters:

  • St. Francis Square– This Mall is located right at the back of SM Megamall, most mobile phone vendors here also have stalls in Greenhills.
  • Greenhills Shopping Center– Greenhills is well known for great bargains. You can find all brand of brand new and pre-owned cell phones in the second floor of the Mall.
  • 168 Shopping Mall– This place is known for cheap merchandise like clothing’s, gadgets and accessories! You can find cheap cell-phones but be very carefull, a lot of them are just a replica of the original or what we usually call a “China Phone”.
  • Goldcrest Makati– Located near Glorietta 1, This place is very popular for techy peope. You can find almost all gadgets here, from Mp3 players, laptops, PC’s to all kind of Mobile Phones.
  • Robinsons Place Manila– The Cell Phone Arena is located in the Padre Faura Wing. Although everything is a bit expensive in compare to Greenhills, This Super Mall is my personal favorite since this Mall practically have everything I’m looking for.

If you know any other place in Metro Manila where we can find great bargain for Cell Phones, Please let me know so I can add it in the list:)

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