Which Lomo Camera Should I Get?

Lomography is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies today. Amateurs armed with Lomo cameras are quickly able to take professional shots and, in some cases, they can even make a living from it, too!

What’s In A Lomo Camera?
Before you go shopping for a Lomo camera, it’s important to understand what exactly you’ll be getting from it. The word “Lomo” is actually a name for cameras made by a Russian firm. The name, however, may also used by other firms as long as they’re authorized to do so. For photography enthusiasts, Lomo is considered to be synonymous with exquisitely clear lenses.

Holga Lomo CameraLomo cameras were originally produced for “spying”. Nowadays, however, they’re more often used for taking professional-looking photographs you can sell…or use to impress your friends and loved ones.

How to Choose the Right Lomo Camera for You
Now that you’ve an idea of what you can get from Lomo cameras, here are a few tips to help you choose the ideal model for your needs.

It Doesn’t Always Have to Be an Authentic Lomo
If you’re a complete novice then it’s better if you start out with something affordable but with the same features that authentic or genuine Lomo cameras have. These beginner cameras, such as the Lomo Action Sampler, are excellent for taking practice shots; even if you do end up taking your experiments too far, you can easily afford to replace it.

Cameras of this type usually come with a plastic and not the best quality at that. They also aren’t battery-powered, the light occasionally leaks, and the viewfinder doesn’t come with lens. But the best thing about cameras is that you won’t have to worry about electronic elements when you’re taking pictures.

Do You Deserve an Authentic Lomo?
After a period of time, you’ll notice your aim improving. When it has then it’s time for you to get yourself a “real” Lomo camera.

These cameras are a bit pricy but the increase in its price tag is worth it. They come with better features when you compare it to your practice Lomo camera.

When shopping for authentic Lomo cameras, one thing you should watch out for is the shipping costs. If you are purchasing one online from a Russian website, do make sure you ask for an English translation for their purchase or service contract. If not, you might just be shocked by the price that will show up on your credit card bill.

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