Nikon D90 Digital Camera Review

Digital photography is a great world to explore. Despite the fact that the photography world requires a lot of money and acquiring a photography gadget such as a digital camera and its accessories is relatively expensive and not everyone can really afford to invest on digital photography.

Not only professional, amateur photographers are also taking part in this digitalized art of capturing images. If you love photography, you need to have access to gadgets with great features and need to have some technical knowledge before you start in this business. 

Nikon Digital Camera D 90

Nikon Digital Camera D 90

There are so many photography related activities such as photo hunting activity and some photography clubs are holding seminars and trainings that is supported by the major camera companies like Nikon which is considered as one of the greatest camera brand on this industry.

Nikon Camera products has been widely used by professional photographers worldwide more than the other camera brands.

The Digital photography world was amused when Nikon D90 was launched. Other camera brands such as Canon and Sony should be intimidated as their Canon 40D and Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 has a new competitor.

If we dig deeper on the key features of Nikon D 90 DSLR camera, we will find that this awesome 12.3 mega pixel camera can shoot continuously as fast as 4.5 frame per second. You can use the HD movie mode to record cinematic quality 24 fps mobile clip with the 720 HD in motion JPEG format. It also has very low noise ISO sensitivity compared to other camera models.

The weight is heavier than Nikon D80 since its 737 grams. Like other previous type, Nikon keep holding the standard of delivering comfortable holding and good navigation control. IF you have ever used the previous Nikon camera models, you will be able to get used to this camera quickly as it employ the same navigation button on the same place.

You can change your preferences on the 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot color LCD monitor. Move your hand to the LCD of this stunning camera, you will see the polymer cover, which is used to be glass in the previous type.

You can directly edit the photo you have just taken by using the in-camera image editing. Having the Nikon D90, you will be able to get access to an advance digital camera technology with a sophisticated design.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can be a very good photographer by having this great gadget after completing some photography training as this camera gives you the possibility to explore your idea to the next level.

I’m actually planning to buy Nikon D90 but I’m having second thoughts since I’m still happy with my Nikon D40.