: A social networking site for Pinoy Mobile Bloggers

Last night bloggers and media friends were invited in the official launch of Mysandbox which was held in Bureau – A Venue. With all the promotional VTR’s and money spent by SMART to gather Philippines top Bloggers and celebrites to promote the product, I can say that this is SMART’s most ambitious project but without a doubt this project will be successful in the longrun. is the Philippines first Social Networking site that is catered for Mobile Bloggers. This site is perfect for bloggers on the go because it has a mobile version. It also offers an all-around portal that gathers each members input much like a regular social networking site.

mysandbox launch party 6
Sandbox Party in Bureau – A Venue

If web users are having a blast with this site, pretty soon mobile users will enjoy the same benefits but i guess the site needs a lot of improvements for mobile users to enjoy and get hooked on it.

In, you can create your very own profile, upload your photos and videos, and write blogs about your favorite topics. Aside from being able to send and receive email, you may also use the site to chat with your friends and talk about the latest issues or products through its online forums.

mysandbox launch party 5
Mysandbox Party Hosts

There are many other things that this mobile portal offers, you can buy and download ringtones, Listen to your favorite tunes, watch the latest movie, TV show and videos. You may also download different games that you can play online or offline. You can also read about breaking news so that you are updated on current events.

mysandbox launch party
Bloggers updating their Sandbox

Many other sites offer the same things but offers much more.  It has a  music collection is from local and international artists and its social networking feature revolves around a visual, feature-filled, straightforward MyGroups page. You just need a few clicks to send private messages to friends, for example. Your account connects directly to your mobile number if you are buying content for delivery to your cell phone so that the same features will be available in the phone.

mysandbox launch party 3
Sandbox Launch

It also offers seamless shopping portal called Digisoria where shoppers and sellers will discover a more streamlined way to connect to each other for faster and easier transaction.

Because of all these wonderful features all rolled in one website, users have experienced a convenience that they haven’t experienced before.

Now, there is no more annoying multiple logins and sign-ups to do several things at a time. With one simple sign up, you can automatically register for all the services Sandbox offers.

Many thanks to Smart Communications and Geiser Maclang for the invite:)

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