Common SEO Mistakes : Things you need to know in Basic SEO

While optimising your site to come out on highly ranked search engine results, there are different opinions regarding the best methods and techniques to use, but once it comes to issues that might hinder your SEO efforts, there are certain matters about which most SEO experts agree.

Title tag is the key – It is all important that each page of your site has a title tag. If you don’t award your website with title tags that contain the keywords, you’ll not be found by search engines and you’ll not even get listed in the rankings. Be sure to make your title tags relevant to their specific pages and contains the final keyword for the page in the title tag.

Extraordinary use of images, graphics or flash – on a great looking site is easy on the eye but the search engines programs don’t have eyes and if you don’t have text on your site that contains your keywords and additional relevant information, search engines(SE’s) may not be able to find out,what is your site about and why you may not be listed in the results.

The best way to be able to do it is to get a perfect balance between the images / graphics/flash material and text. Then you’ve got to have an attractive website with the real and required necessary information for search engines to find.

You must do everything that you are capable of to help your SEO efforts and reduce these commonly made mistakes so as to help you get the higher ranking you are looking forward to.

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