Best SEO Plugins for your WordPress Blog

Each blogger using WordPress always think of how he can make his or her blog visible in all search engines. One way is by using SEO related plugins.

SEO pros occasionally acquire a hit and miss approach that costs clients time and money, not cost-efficient in the least. So to assist anyone looking to step-up their SERP rankings, here are the plugins which are on 7 top I consider crucial for any WordPress blog.

1) All in One SEO Pack

This plugin provides you to cover the fundamentals of SEO specified meta tags, titles, descriptions and keywords. It will overrule default values in the titles, meta tags, etc., so you’ll be able to target the independent blog posts specifically for better search results. But it won’t affect anything if you leave the fields blank, so you’re not bound to utilize it with every post.

2) Sociable

Ever wondered how they get their blog posts on numerous social bookmarking sites rapidly and with efficiency whilst admitting their users to “improve and vote” their rank on the respective websites. This can come out to be a very difficult task with manual coding and the idea of sustaining resources limited and the loading times down. So to provide assistance regarding these problems, sociable admits users to add 99 active social bookmarking sites to anywhere you want on your site. It also admits users to add up their personal sites as well. It’s really customizable, fast to configure and very easy to use.

3) Google Rankings

This nifty plugin grants you to track the keywords you’re looking for. It’s a quick little tool i.e. quite valuable once you’re really attempting to hunt down your most active and effective keywords.

4) Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps isn’t totally direct keyword / marketing related but it’s normally admitted that sitemaps assist Google crawl your blog / site faster and show direct results. However, there’s no practical evidence of this, but numerous places have accounted finer results when utilized Sitemaps. It’s never a bad thing to plow ahead and just add up a Sitemap, particularly when it’s done for you.

5) Cross Linker

This plugin admits you to specialize certain words that are automatically specified to hyperlinks externally or internally. This is a nice tool to think of the fact that you might have affiliate deals that demand you to associate their name to market keyword terms to improve your interior link structure and naturally links to useful items.

6) Twitter Tools

This plugin incorporates your twitter account with your WordPress account so it exhibits all of your latest Tweet to a position you specify. It’s nice if you’re an active user of twitter,this will help you market more sites or links using this tool. In addition, you can adopt a couple of more fans who can follow you and read your blog updates.

7) Referrer Detector

This is an addon that gets hold of the URL that visitors come from, and admits you to record a greeting message in this direction. So if you’ve users coming from Site A, you may prefer to enter a small message which welcomes them and prompts them to see other posts and the same can be applied for the digg source sites (digg for your posts) . It’s a very useful plugin that raises interaction between the website and the user.