Your Adsense Account Get Banned? Tips on What You Should Do

Google Adsense is a proven money-generating online program. It has benefited millions of bloggers, online entrepreneurs and site owners for several years now and continues to be a favorite method of site monetization.

But Adsense is a program that treads on sensitive ground. Google has set up policies to regulate it and thus, people who join it have to abide by its restrictions. Violations could result to penalties.

So what happens if you find that your Adsense account has been banned? Here are things you can do:

Find out the reasons why and present your proof.

The most common reason why some Adsense accounts get banned by Google is due to invalid clicks. If this is the case with you, understand that you have violated the policies imposed by Google.

A breach of agreement will result to your account being disabled. Google will state the reasons why your account was banned on their e-mail message. Read their reasons carefully and try to determine if you are indeed at fault.

If you are not, look for evidence that will back up your claim. You will need this to present to Google to argue your case. In your e-mail message, make sure you lay out the details of your argument in an organized, concise and clear manner. The folks at Google should be able to see why banning your account was a mistake and that you never violated any part of the company’s terms of service.

If Google sees that the mistake was committed on their end, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your account has been reinstated. Reinstatement is immediate, so if once you get the e-mail, your account is usually good to go.

There is some piece of bad news, however. Once your account has been banned and Google decides not to reinstate it, it’s absolute. Meaning, you cannot re-apply for another account in your name and you cannot send them multiple letters to follow up on what would now be a hopeless cause.

Do not try to outwit Google.

Using another e-mail address or changing your account name will not be effective against Google’s tracking system. They can even determine your IP address or compare your details on record and find out that you’re the same person. Try these tricks and you will get your account banned once again.

What to do? Try to enlist a friend or family member to help you obtain a new Google account. You could use their name instead of yours and then re-apply. Once your account has been approved, you can use their account ID on your website and begin earning again.

Just make sure that you have a clear understanding about this agreement beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding later.