Asus to Launch Eee Pad EP101TC and EP121

The robust Eee Pad will soon be launched globally. The smarter device is enabled by Windows 7 platform and will compete with the likes of iPad.

The Eee Pad is slated to give battery backup of more than 10 hours and has been designed in a way so as to exploit the most out of the realm of cloud computing scenarios. At the moment, ASUS will be offering the device in two flavors – 12inch EP121 and 10 inch EP101TC.

The 12 inch EP121, Eee Pad is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and runs windows 7 Home Premium edition. It can be used as a standalone electronic slate or can be plugged-in to the keyboard docking station to transition it to a notebook.

The 1o inch version, EP101TC is much compact and can offer smarter touch based solutions without the standard Windows 7 desktop.

ASUS is all set to ramp up its app store. Best in class apps will be uploaded and shared with the global customers. ASUS’ Eee Pad is expected to be an instant hit amongst PC lovers who prefer Microsoft’s operating platform.

Eee Pad will indeed give a tough ride to iPad and other electronic slate manufacturers.

It comes with an integrated cam, a USB port and feature to use Skype is also present in ASUS. The best in class and much anticipated features would make it one of the hottest products that consumers would desire to own.

The arena of electronic gadgets is all set to buzz up. ASUS’ Eee Pad will be in the range of $399 to $499.

However ASUS would like to relook at its pricing strategy based on the economic scenarios and competition. The device is set to be launched in early 2011.

It will be first launched in US and then in European markets.