Realizing World wide web Censorship in Egypt

This is a condition, when you can neither publish nor access any other information already published on the internet. The government of any country can make an effort to prohibit or stop its people from viewing or browsing these sites, but it actually does not succeed in doing so .This is so as the Authorities itself does not have a binding control over these web sites. Absolute censoring, of news and info is virtually not possible. But by means of ‘Deceit ‘the censoring authorities, can block out particular information that they do not want should reach out to their general population. This too is possible with the help of a counterfeit message ‘Not Found’. This message does come up on its own in genuine cases.

The reason why Censorship Imposed

Any Government would take essential steps to impose web censorship if they feel it is any way threatening the government or the peace of the country within.There are countries like Australia, China, Yemen, Pakistan ,Burma, Syria, Cuba, UAE, and now Egypt who have censored world wide web in more than one approaches. The core goal is to defend ideas or information that ignites their community or goes against their religious, ethical, cultural or social norms. Amazingly in a review held in the year 2002, it was found that nearly as high as 60% people accredited of this censorship. Internet Service Unit (ISU) implements all censorships. It also monitors and checks all the gateways of Internet Service Providers of the state.

world-wide-web Censorship in Egypt

On the 27th of January all internet links in Egypt were paralyzed and immobilized. An Egyptian was asked about what in actual fact happened on the 27th January with reference to the world wide web. In respect to him, their government made certain that the four local Egyptian Internet service provider switch off their web services, for this reason no one could reach systems that has Egyptian addresses .The domain names inaccessible and the system shutdown by design lead in absence of Egyptian names and their contact details from the inter net. Ass per him there was one small ISP vendor left untapped and this one caters to the stock exchange, web requirements.

Affect of Censorship in Egypt

When one of the Egyptians was asked about the impact of this censorship he talked the feeling of his country men. First and foremost the disgust was apparent in his tone and reaction to the whole censorship. He claimed this not only disconnected them from the rest of the world, it also impacted business of all those who depend on net for their work. Students, businessmen, and other individuals, there were thousands and thousands of them who were deprived of net connectivity and internet access. Individuals, businesses, schools, Government offices and many other international institutions based in Egypt all went off line. As per him, the censorship imposed crippled the existence of Egypt. He was enraged at the Government for disabling and damaging the capability of an individual to earn his living. The Egypt economy came to a dead stop.

How do People of Egypt See This Action of Censorship

He said that individuals of Cairo have been restless for quite some time now, with unemployment rising and the graduates unable to find jobs for themselves. Now with internet censorship, these people think that they have been completely slice off from the rest of the world. He feels that Egypt will face the adverse consequences of disconnecting its folks from the globe. The country will suffer and this is a great problem for the people of Egypt and their progress for which they need to connect with the earth. This is a grave decision to be taken and it almost amount to intrusion on the simple rights of its people to communicate. He claimed this was totally unconstitutional and illegal.

How People today Get around it in Egypt?

We inquired him, if this censorship was observed by people today of Egypt solemnly or were they able to bypass it? There has been a team of other local young individuals standing who retorted with an attitude of tit for tat. They said there are other international agencies who are trying their best to avoid the complete shutdown of internet in Egypt. These groups are an important part of global system of free speech activists. They are doing consolidated efforts to break through the media black out in Egypt. Their endeavor is, it to by pass the information blackout. These agencies work under the umbrella of organization Telecomix. They are in the whole process of creating new media tools of communication to restore net online connectivity in Egypt. The Egyptians have been apprised of this new communication tool and the inflow and outflow of messages has started already. Telecomix, also came to the rescue of Tunisians, Chinese, Iranians, as well as other nationals, whose Government received censored or blocked components of world wide web in their individual countries. Many of the Egyptians use VPN companies such as USA VPN to bypass restrictions. Even if internet is censored people always find a way to bypass it.

Courtesy of Ferkani Ventrix