Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2

Samsung has finally released the Galaxy S2 – a much awaited, almost mythical device, thanks to the tons of rumors floating around on the Internet and Samsung’s relatively long time between new product releases, and it looks simply amazing, both on the outside and inside. The current Galaxy S, however, is still on sale (having been recently upgraded with a 4G radio) and still rocking – it’s definitely powerful enough to handle anything you can throw at it – in fact ; it has more performance than the iPhone 4, with the Hummingbird processor and PowerVR SGX540 video graphics adapter.

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Samsung Galaxy S2

The Galaxy S2 was already released in the US and Europe, being only available from Korea, so the prices are pretty steep, especially compared to other phones like the Optimus 2X, HTC Sensation, Motorola Droid X2 and even HTC Evo 3D. There are a lot of buyers, but many current owners of the Galaxy S wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the new model. This comparison will help you decide that.

While the Galaxy S still looks pretty respectable, in its many forms for different networks (which look pretty much the same, actually), it simply pales in comparison to the new S2 – this thing was designed to be a fashion item that can also power through any tasks like its nothing. Everything about it screams style and class, from the super slim housing, to the blackened glass that covers the display on the front and the textured back cover that is so slim you think it’s going to break. There’s really no other Android smartphone that looks quite so good on the market.

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Samsung Galaxy S

The beauty isn’t only superficial, and once you power it on, you understand what I’m talking about. The screen on the Galaxy S is still one of the best displays on the market, with excellent colors, contrast and brightness. Samsung has somehow managed to improve it further in the Galaxy S2, with the new Super AMOLED Plus technology, which makes everything even more vibrant and the black levels really deep. The size increase to 4.3 inches (as opposed to 4 on the first GS) also helps, even though the resolution stays at the good old 800×480 pixels.

And as I said, it not only looks good, it can also be a real work horse, and do anything you need it to, thanks to Samsung’s own new dual core processor running at 1.2 GHz, aided by 1024 MB of fast DDR2 RAM and a new graphics adapter that promises to be even faster than its predecessor (which is still pretty much the champion, holding its own against the new Tegra 2 GeForce!).

However, the performance is still limited by the Android OS, which, even at its current 2.3 version, doesn’t handle multiple cores as well as it should, so even the single core in the Galaxy S will be fast enough in most applications. That should drastically change in the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich, though, and I don’t have to tell you which Galaxy is more future proof.

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Samsung Galaxy SII

Other specs are actually pretty much the same, with the notable addition of a gyroscope, NFC, HDMI out (via a special cable) and the increase in onboard memory to 32 GB (up from 16 on the first Galaxy) on the Galaxy S2. There’s still a micro SD card slot on both phones, which will allow you to add 16, 32 or even 64 GB more should you wish to. The camera on the S2 is an 8 megapixels unit and is able to film 1080p videos, and the quality seems to have improved from the 5 megapixels shooter on the Galaxy S.

Overall, the Galaxy S2 is a great improvement and successor to the first model, however, I don’t see the need to upgrade to it right now. It might be wise to wait a few months, at least until it’s officially released worldwide and the price drops considerably. But if you want the most high performance and most stylish Samsung phone around, the Galaxy S2 sure is worth getting, no matter how much the cost is.

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