Barnes and Noble All New Nook Review

The Nook Color is selling pretty well, and can definitely be considered a success on Barnes & Noble’s part. However, it’s not considered a “real” eBook reader by the users and potential buyers, nor it was intended to be by B&N – it was supposed to be something that fit in between a good quality e-reader and a full-fledged tablet, and it does that job pretty well.

best ebook reader
William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble, holds the All-New Nook

But Barnes & Noble decided to go after the e-readers market (which is larger than the niche the nook Color targets) in full force, and just recently they have released the All New Nook (yes, that’s the full name) – a more traditional eBook and magazine reader that still offers a lot more for the money than any other electronic readers on the market, including Amazon’s Kindle.

ebook reader barnes and noble
All-New Nook

The All New Nook is made mostly out of plastic materials and looks much more unassuming than its predecessor the Nook Color. It is both smaller and much lighter than it as well, at only 6.5 x 5.x 0.47 inches and 7.48 ounces. On the front you’ve got five buttons which are pretty well hidden in plain sight – the obvious one is the Nook button which takes you to the home screen, while the other four buttons are actually the ridges on both sides of the screen. The screen itself has been downsized and is now 6 inches across, with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Of course, it’s still a touch screen, as well, giving you maximum comfort when using the device.

kindle killer
Nook ebook Reader from Barnes & Noble

But that’s not the most important change about it – if you’ve seen the pictures, you already know that the display on the All-New Nook is using E Ink technology, which incorporates the new Pearl Display technology that gives it a more crisp and clear text and images, and more importantly, practically removes the usual refresh flickering that you see on other similar devices when scrolling through pages. Of course using E ink technology means that you have greater contrast and much better visibility when reading in direct sunlight – the All-New Nook really exceeds at that.

The technical specs of the All New Nook are about the same as those of the Nook Color: the device is powered by a 800 MHz TI OMAP 3 platform and has 2 GB of onboard memory with an additional up to 32 GB supported through a micro SD card slot. The new Nook also runs Android – it even has the Web browser, not officially supported (indeed, it does not work well), but which can be accessed by typing the URL in the search field. Thanks to that, it can open any file formats, even pictures and videos – although 16 shades of grey is definitely not enough for the latter.

The All New Nook is one of the best e-readers out there, and it’s even better than the Kindle – although obviously, you don’t get access to Amazon’s collection of eBooks with it. It is already available for sale at a very low price of only $139 – that’s practically a steal for what you’re getting, and it’s definitely worth a look!