Win Big at the Retail Game

Shopping at a retail level can feel like a losing game. Every time you open your wallet it seems to empty faster than the last time. In this day and age when saving money is more important than ever, we depend heavily on sales and discounts to meet with our consumer demands. Going into the store or even shopping online can be a lot more enjoyable if you employ some thought, strategy and consideration to your spending.

Shopping in Singapore
Shopping in Singapore

Without making it a depressing concept, shopping retail can be really fun and a fulfilling experience all round. You just have to know how to play the retail game. Stores are in it to win it however and of this you should always be aware. Walk in stores set up vivid displays that are colorful and eye catching, they place the most provocative and popular items at direct eye level and the clerks are trained to be helpful and persuasive.  Stores bring their A-game every time and you need to be ready if you are going to play to win. How ready are you?

If you want a head start on savings, one great way to give yourself the edge is through couponing and e-couponing. For both walk in stores and e-stores, you can realize massive savings by redeeming coupons for discounts on your favorite items. A good example of this is rounding up Target coupons at – use these coupons to cut your bill down at the checkout point. Discounts are savings in hand and this will earn you major points in the retail game. You can use your savings towards other more important purchases or towards your saving efforts. Here are a couple other tips you can use to make the most of your money when playing the retail game.

  1. Don’t wait for the SALE sign to go up. When shopping at walk-in stores, they always have items that are due to go on sale or that remain from a previous sale. Either way, they want these items gone because they take up space and represent funds that were not acquired. Speak to a store manager or get friendly with the clerks to get the inside scoop on what is available in the unlisted sales section and don’t be afraid or ashamed to try to haggle the price down further. Grab the sale by the scruff and get in on the savings before everyone else.
  2. Damaged packaging is a key way to gain points at the retail game. Stores that have goods with damaged packaging are in a state of semi desperation. They can’t put damaged packaged items on the shelves and so they are stuck with stock that many times, they cannot return to the parent company. In an effort to maintain the prestige of their store fronts, they won’t bring the damaged items directly to the customer and so you have to be proactive and ask for them. Speak with the store manager and ask what damaged packaged goods they have in house and convey a willingness to purchase. You’ll be a winner at this game just yet!