Reward your favorite Freelancers

In today’s fast paced, internet-driven world, many companies both big and small depend on the strength of outsourcing their primary functions to freelancers. Freelancers are a great addition to any work force and can supplement and even substitute the work that walk-in employees can provide. Are they better than on-staff employees? Some may say yes and there are many reasons why. Freelancers can be hired to complete dedicated tasks and often produce high quality work for much less than it would cost to hire a fulltime employee. For small or startup companies, freelancers provide services that can take the company into the big league.

From accounting and administration to sales and marketing, freelancers work from anywhere in the world and contribute meaningfully to the success of businesses globally. Most people can find freelancers through the internet from online companies like and and with a little dedicated searching you can find the most qualified and experienced freelance worker to accomplish your project.

For some people, finding a great freelancer online can either be a rewarding experience or it can be something of a living nightmare. Sometimes even when sifting through hundreds of applicants you may not find anyone that’s worthy of hiring but then, sometimes you can really find some freelancing gems. In the quest to find a good freelancer, you must make sure that you’re a good employer.

One way to do this is by making sure you reward those freelancers you’ve hired to not only give them a sense of job security when working with and for you but also to keep them happy, productive and loyal to you now and in the future. Freelancers contribute positively to our businesses and often times have to do the obscure, difficult and mundane jobs we don’t want to do ourselves or can’t find anyone locally willing to do them for us. From writing original copy on everything from the best promotional mugs to discount shopping and doing our end of year fiscal accounting, freelancers often go above and beyond to make sure the job is done and done well.

Here are a couple ways in which you can reward your favorite freelancers:

Bonuses: Giving your freelancers bonuses is one of the best ways to show them you appreciate and value the hard work they produce for you during the year. Choose and amount that is commensurate with the work they do, their dedication and length of tenure with you.

Pay Raises: By raising your freelancers’ salaries, you are not only giving them the opportunity to achieve their financial goals but you are also giving them a platform to remain loyal to you. The freelancing world is very competitive and while some people undercut and underpay their contractors, there are those who are willing to pay them what they deserve and more.

Recommendations: If you appreciate and value your freelancers’ work, show them – and give them the opportunity to show other freelancers and potential clients too!

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