DIY Memory Stick Repair

Humans are able to invent a lot of things and we are grateful because of these stuff, we are able to live life easily. One of the many things that men are able to create to make our life more convenient is a memory stick.

Sony first launched the memory stick as an aid for us. Many appreciate the creation of memory sticks because we are able to save a lot of files in just a little piece of device. Depending on the capacity of your memory stick, it is able to save a lot of files which you can use to save your work, school projects, and many more. It also enables people to transfer documents from one computer to another computer thus you do not need to bring your own unit all the time. Moreover, it can be very well use in any computer system because it is a USB drive.

Truly, memory stick is a brilliant invention. However, there are also downsides to this technology. The data that you saved in your memory stick can be corrupted because of many reasons such as it is invaded by a virus which you acquired on the Internet. When this happens, you no longer have a choice but to learn memory stick repair for you to be able to use your memory stick again.
Memory Stick
Memory Stick
How To Do Memory Stick Repair

At the first sign of trouble, avoid saving files into your memory stick right away to prevent losing a lot of files. You need to do memory stick repair to save your device at the same time, you can get rid of the problem as early as possible and go on with your life.

  1. Open your computer and turn it on. If you are running in Windows operating system, click the “Start” menu and look for the “Control Panel”. Choose the “Hardware and Sound” from the many icons that you see and then from there go to Drivers and Printers section and click “Device Manager.”
  2. Find your card reader and do the right click. Afterwards, select “Properties” then click the “General” tab. From there, you can read the status of your card reader either “This device is working properly” or “This device cannot start.”
  3. If the status of your card reader is not working properly, select “Driver” then click “Update Driver.” Wait for the download of your new driver to finish then restart your computer.
  4. Once you restart your computer, choose “Computer” under the “Start” menu and look for your memory stick in your drivers. If it appears then you can use your memory stick again. However, if you cannot locate your memory stick, click the “Map a Network Drive” and from the list of options choose a driver letter. Look for the location of your memory stick by clicking “Browse” and then select “Ok”. Try to use your memory stick again if it is already fixed.
  5. If it fails again and you cannot locate it as a connected drive, right click the driver letter and select “Format.”
  6. Click “NFTS” from the list of options and then click “Start.” Wait for the reformat to finish and then restart again your computer. Attempt to use your memory stick again after restarting your computer.

Memory stick repair is an option that you can use to save your device and prevent you from buying new memory stick which is not practical. However, if the damage is much more extensive and your computer still cannot recognize your card reader after doing a memory stick repair, then you better buy a new one and hope that you will not encounter the same problem again.