Webzine vs. Ezine: Know the Difference

Writers make money through a variety of gigs these days, from article writing and copywriting, to books and traditional publishing platforms. Webzines and ezines are two other venues that have the potential to provide writers with additional income. However, many writers don’t understand the difference between these two valuable platforms, so the execution of these methods can fail. If you are interested in either of these methods, understand how they work and decide which platform is best for you and your readers.

Webzine vs. Ezine
Webzine vs. Ezine


Webstarts is a common creator of Webzines for writers. In short, a webzine is the online version of a traditional print magazine. Webzines are comprehensive electronic publications that are based around one topic of interest. This is different than your traditional blog because you focus on one area, rather than a multitude of topics that may be going on in your life.

Also, unlike blogs, the content in webzines is generally much like that of a print magazine—the articles are subjective, and are not sales-like in nature. Interviews and editorials can be included, but much of the content is newsworthy. Like magazines, webzines are published on a regular basis, usually once a month. Some publishers attach blogs to the websites to advertise current events and news to their readers.

Webzines take a great deal of work, but they can be a great addition to a writer’s projects. They are especially helpful to writers who have either a great deal of interest or experience in a certain niche. While you can certainly make money from advertisements and affiliations, these aren’t get-rich projects. Instead, a webzine should enhance your professional endeavors.


There is a great deal of talk about ezines, and they are much more common than webzines. It seems like almost everyone has an ezine these days, but they are often mistakenly called webzines. An ezine is actually the electronic version of a paper newsletter. Writers can send out these ezines to their followers to update readers on events as well as accomplishments.

Still, if you have a much smaller magazine you want to get out there, then an ezine can fit your needs. Some writers choose to test out their markets with ezines consisting of a few articles before moving forward with plans for a webzine.

Which is Better?

While some writers debate between the benefits of webzines versus ezines, there really is no right or wrong answer for your freelance business. Your choice ultimately depends on where you stand as a writer, as well as what your overall professional goals are. If you enjoy getting articles out in a certain niche on a large-scale, then a webzine can work for you. On the flip side, an ezine is more appropriate if you want to get out a few tidbits to your readers without having to commit to a long-term magazine project. There is no one-size-fits-all plan to making it as a freelance writer, and this is just one example where you have to choose what works best in your career to achieve your professional goals.

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