If You’re Having Trouble Gaining New Customers, Heed this Advice

If you’re running a successful business, you may eventually hit a plateau. This is normal and nothing to be too worried about, as you may have reached all the customers you can with your outreach methods. If you aren’t a creative problem solver, it may be tough to get of that plateau and start reaching new heights in business growth. All it takes is some ingenuity and you’ll be on your way to gaining new customers and increasing profits for your business.

Try and Get some Publicity

This is obviously easier said than done. Search around your company for some interesting stories that you could maybe pitch to a local newspaper. Do you have any employees who have defied the odds? Are you working on an innovative new product? Finding something that might get you some publicity just takes some creative goggles. Even if you’re hiring, that might be enough to get some local publicity. Issue press releases on just about anything you can think of, and chances are you’ll finally find some coverage.

Hire an Online Marketing Agency

It may be costly upfront, but hiring an online marketing agency will likely pay for itself in new business. Hiring an online marketing agency will increase your visibility online and some are even able to generate leads for you. While hiring an online marketing agency is typically expensive, you will usually be able to find an agency that offers services at a reasonable price based on what you’re looking for. You can usually find reviews of different online marketing agencies online, for example you can view Yodle reviews. Taking this step might be the catalyst to huge growth for your business. 

Offer a Referral Program

This can be a quick, easy way to quickly gain some new customers. Offer your current customers the opportunity to earn rewards via a customer referral program. Many companies do this already, offering discounts or rewards on products for every customer referred. Make sure that this program is very visible, whether it’s in your store or on your website. You’ll quickly see that your customers will be very motivated to bring you new business.

Listen to Customer Feedback 

Maybe one of the reasons you aren’t gaining any new customers is because your business is having trouble adapting to different scenarios. You need to be sure you’re listening to customer feedback, and making any necessary changes to your business if you’re seeing trends.

Hold a Contest

This may seem like a typical gimmick, but if you’re able to creatively come up with a contest that draws lots of attention, you’ll be sure to gain more customers. Even if it’s a drawing, you’ll gain lots of potential customer’s information that are considered warm leads. You can then call these potential customers, and offer them a discount on whatever services you offer. It’s an easy way to generate some potential leads, and you may see that it’s so successful that you use it fairly often.