Importance of Facebook covers and social media optimization

The world of content is fast growing with a slight shift from search engine content to social media content which has triggered the need for Social Media Optimization (SMO). The technique is fast gaining popularity with the success of a huge number of brands achieved by optimizing websites and its content on social media sites.

It helps in driving huge amount of traffic by allowing the content to travel far and wide through social media sites, which is not possible merely through search engine optimization.

With the growth of Smartphones and social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest etc. users get exposed to a lot of content on a number of devices and platform. Social Media Optimization takes advantage of this factor to enable businesses and companies to reach the customers via social media. For this very reason, social media marketing has evolved to become an integral part of marketing strategy of many companies, websites and brands.

Why is Social Media Optimization important?

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. have a gigantic number of users who interact with each other, conduct discussions, and share things over these websites. Businesses and other websites see this as an opportunity to promote their endeavors for increasing their revenue generation as well as traffic to their sites. The users, who are potential customers, get to know about the various products and services that the company has to offer. This not only results in them becoming future customers, but will also bring in more via the communication they do through social media. The websites belonging to various niches can be promoted this way and there have been instances when some of them had gone viral on social media.

Facebook covers for brand marketing?

Both written content and pictures are used for promotion through social media sites. It is said that pictures speak a thousand words. Brands seem to think so too. Facebook, with its significant shift to Timeline profiles, has provided companies with the golden opportunity and plenty of space online to market them. Seen as a valuable stretch of branding real estate, both individuals and companies can make use of Facebook’s most eye-catching attribute- the cover photo.

Studies have found that since the inception of Facebook Timeline, there has been increased focus among the web users to focus on pictures and videos. Facebook covers, which are the first things that a person sees on accessing Facebook profiles, have a major share in contributing to this. They cater to the customers’ love for window shopping online.

The power of Facebook covers are being harnessed increasingly by the brands, to portray pictures advertising the image of a brand as well as the various initiatives that the brand undertakes. A picture conveying the entire message of your brand and having the ability to keep a user interested can pave way to substantially increasing your revenue generation. Functioning like a welcome mat for visitors to a Facebook page, the cover photo decides whether to keep the user hooked or not. As such, Facebook covers have become an integral part of Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization inclusive of promotion of brands via Facebook covers and other visually appealing methods via social media is a trend that has taken the virtual world by storm having significant impact in the world outside. With more businesses, brands and personalities storming the world every minute, the trend is here to stay wielding power to make or break brands.