The Gap Between The First And Third Worlds Is Slowly Closing

A growing number of business professionals and entrepreneurs, such as Ehsan Bayat and a host of others, represent a fascinating new phenomenon in the slowly unfolding history of the present century. These are native sons and daughters of certain nations that are known in the world community for possessing any number of positive characteristics yet, for various reasons, are never numbered among the most prosperous or progressive.

Makati City Philippines
Makati City Philippines / Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

The Spirit Of Free Enterprise Is Migrating To New Lands

This new and remarkable resurgence of the spirit of free enterprise in these most unlikely locations represents a new and welcome development in the history of culture and commerce. There is plenty of reason to believe that the celebrated ideals of peace, progress, and prosperity are finally beginning to filter into regions of the world where, previously, such ideals were always doomed to fall on deaf ears. Perhaps this is the very silver lining that people who live in such precarious locations can now look forward to.

Business Leaders Are Playing A Huge Part In The Recovery Of National Unity

As could be expected, business leaders – not merely from other parts of the world, but native born citizens of the nations concerned – are playing a huge part in the slow but steady recovery of many of these regions. For example, the recent installation of a brand new wireless communication network in Afghanistan is paving the way for a new era of peace and prosperity in one of the world’s most war torn and chaotic nations.

Native Born Leaders Are Changing The History Of Their Nations

These and many other similar developments in other nations are a welcome respite from the steady spate of tragic and dispiriting news stories that the media focuses on all too often. It is a truly encouraging sight to see, as these native born leaders strive to change the history of their nations from one of perpetual conflict to one of proud resourcefulness and steady reliability. It is a phenomenon that deserves to be not only commended and encouraged, but one that should serve as a lesson to others who witness it.

Free Enterprise Is The Key To Rebuilding A War Torn Nation

Perhaps the most encouraging sign of all is the explicit recognition that many returning refugees give to the spirit of free enterprise as the primary philosophy that is necessary to adopt when going about the complex and time consuming business of rebuilding a war torn nation from the ground up. All of the time, effort, and money that these native entrepreneurs are pouring into the coffers of their beloved nations counts for nothing unless the radically positive alternative of democracy and free commerce manages to take hold in the hearts and minds of their fellow citizens.

Looking Forward To A Bright New Future Of Peace And Profitability

In the end, what these young sons and daughters of some of the world’s most troubled areas are striving to achieve is a bright new future of peace and prosperity, not only for themselves, but for all who come after them. As citizens of the so-called “First World”, we can all benefit from, as well as learn from, the example that these bright young entrepreneurs are setting.